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Memory Collage

Memory Collage is an ever-evolving exploration of memory and time, rooted in the interplay between found objects and collaborative engagement. This dynamic project invites participants to contribute cherished artifacts imbued with personal significance. First conceived in 2009, this project utilizes a unique blend of found objects and collaborative performance to weave a visual testament to the power of objects to evoke emotions and connect us all. Pre-submitted digital scans and live, in-person contributions of cherished keepsakes, whether faded photographs or weathered trinkets, each carrying a story to be shared, become building blocks in a larger narrative, fostering dialogue and connection among participants.

Dual, simultaneous projections invite the viewer to engage in the interactive performance. One showcases a video collage of scanned objects, serving as a foundation for the ever-growing artwork. The other transforms into an engaging canvas during live activations. Here, visitors have the opportunity to contribute their own keepsakes, which are carefully arranged into tableaus in real-time. This collaborative act sparks conversations between participants, as the placement of objects prompts fresh interpretations and connections.

Memory Collage is more than an artwork; it is an immersive journey. The project remains incomplete until the viewers decide to contribute, offering a fragment of their own story to actively shape the narrative landscape of the work. By weaving together personal narratives, Memory Collage explores the power of shared experiences and the enduring desire to connect to one another through the tangible remnants of the past.

As a part of the St Mungo Festival Molendinar Summer Programme and the 2024 Glasgow International Contemporary Art Festival (June 7 – 23), Molly will be exhibiting an iteration of Memory Collage at 5 Florence Street in Glasgow. She will be present for a live activation and collaboration of the work June 21-22. More details below.

Live Performance & Community Collaboration
Friday & Saturday | June 21–22, 7:00 PM–10:00 PM
5 Florence Street, Gorbals, Glasgow

Join Molly for live Memory Collage activations on Friday and Saturday, June 21-22, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Share a memory by bringing a small keepsake or image (photos, texts, drawings, found paper, thin objects under 9" x 9" are ideal). We'll scan your item and return it after use.

Digital Collaboration
If you are unable to attend the live performance at 5 Florence Street, but would like to take part in the digital collaboration, please scan (or photograph) an object or memorabilia and email it with the subject line “Memory Collage” to hello@mollygochman.com. Please add any information you’d like to share about the item in the email body. 

*By submitting your scan or image, you agree to allow the artist to use it for the Memory Collage series.