I'm Molly Gochman.

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Televising Time

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"I wanted to know how people would react to the various situations of Thickening Time, but also how their behavior would change once they knew they were being watched."

Time is considered to be psychologically relative: our perception of it can expand and contract depending on circumstance. Unexpected experiences, like car accidents, can lengthen our perception of time—stretching it as we navigate something new. Given that time is one of our most valuable resources, I sought to create an artwork that provided viewers with the gift of time.

With that in mind, I created Thickening Time and Televising Time: a pair of installations and performances that aimed to stretch time out and slow it down. In Thickening Time, viewers navigated a complex maze of unexpected, surreal environments full of sensory experiences.

Security cameras throughout the installation recorded peoples’ reactions. At the end of the installation, participants entered a room full of televisions, each playing a live feed of the security footage. This video installation, Televising Time, automatically printed on a large-format printer, providing viewers with the opportunity to take home a print of themselves rendered in the footage.

Raising questions around voyeurism and security culture, Televising Time invited viewers to watch others navigate the same experiences with which they had just previously engaged.