Molly Gochman

Molly Gochman’s Red Sand Project (RSP) is an activist artwork created to raise awareness of modern-day slavery.

It’s not enough to “mind the gap” and merely walk over it. Red Sand Project invites people to actively engage with physical cracks and mindfully consider those who fall through the metaphoric cracks representative of the most overlooked and marginalized populations. These populations are most at risk of being enslaved, spending their lives being exploited for the profit of others. Today there are 36 million people living as slaves. Addressing modern day slavery requires addressing vulnerabilities that make people susceptible to being enslaved – vulnerabilities such as poverty and lack of education. Bring visibility to this violation of human rights by filling sidewalk cracks with red sand or other materials, and then share an image of your intervention at #redsandproject. This simple action might seem inconsequential, but small interventions build upon each other to make transformative change.

encourage mindfulness in others

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