I'm Molly Gochman.

Welcome to my art practice.

I'm glad you're here.

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Give-away Project II

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With Give-away Project I, I had been able to successfully create artwork without objects. Rather than produce tangible things, I had curated an experience, bringing people together and documenting the entire process. Contrary to traditional artistic norms, I viewed the documentation of the event to be as important as the event itself and was interested in presenting these images in a way that highlighted their value. However, to print and frame them, exhibiting them in a traditional gallery setting, would have undermined the core intention of Give-away Project: to create art without creating objects. Stuck with the prospect of having to create more objects, I investigated how to use images to build community, creating Give-away Project: II.

Previously throughout Give-away Project I, I had taken double and triple exposures, recording multiple movements on top of each other — rendering a full spectrum of experience rather than a singular moment. I began with these images as my starting point, eventually creating an immersive space to display all the documentation from Give-away Project I. In addition to the multiple exposure photographs, I blended individual still images together, displaying them around the gallery like a ribbon around the space, connecting everyone through the objects — those who were documented and those who would be viewing the work. I displayed these photographs in a gallery set up like a living room, creating a comfortable, interior space to spark conversation and deepen connection.

Bb / B (Treble/Bass) F# and Eb (Treble/Bass)
C# / Bb (Treble/Bass) and C# / E (Treble/Bass)
Bb / C# (Treble/Bass) C / Db (Treble/Bass)